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Redux persist adaptor for React Native filesystem storage
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Redux persist filesystem storage

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Storage adaptor to use react-native-fetch-blob with redux-persist, by implementing the needed methods: setItem, getItem, removeItem, getAllKeys and clear.

This storage can be used on Android to prevent issues with the storage limitations in the RN AsyncStorage implementation. (See redux-persist#199, redux-persist#284)


Please note: v2 of this library supports React Native 0.60 and above only. If you are using React Native 0.59 and below, please use v1.x.

yarn add redux-persist-filesystem-storage

or, for React Native 0.59 and below:

yarn add redux-persist-filesystem-storage@1

Then, as rn-fetch-blob is a dependency of this project, we need to ensure its linked with

react-native link rn-fetch-blob

(or check their docs).


Simply use 'FilesystemStorage' as the storage option in the redux-persist config.

import FilesystemStorage from 'redux-persist-filesystem-storage'

const persistConfig = {
  key: 'root',
  storage: FilesystemStorage,


usage with custom options

import FilesystemStorage from 'redux-persist-filesystem-storage'

     storagePath: `${RNFetchBlob.fs.dirs.DocumentDir}/persistStore`

const persistConfig = {
  key: 'root',
  storage: FilesystemStorage,


migration from previous storage

Using redux-persist V5?

Redux-Persist v5 migrate from one storage system to another

Using redux-persist V4?

the snippet below lets you migrate redux data previously stored in AsyncStorage to redux-persist-filesystem-storage.

NOTE This snippet lets you migrate healthy data. It will not restore data if it is already hit limits of AsyncStorage

import { persistStore, getStoredState } from 'redux-persist'
import FilesystemStorage from 'redux-persist-filesystem-storage'
import { AsyncStorage } from 'react-native'
import _ from 'lodash'
import { createStore } from 'redux'

const store = createStore(...)

// create persistor for `redux-persist-filesystem-storage`
const fsPersistor = persistStore(
  { storage: FilesystemStorage },
  async (fsError, fsResult) => {
    if (_.isEmpty(fsResult)) {
      // if state from fs storage is empty try to read state from previous storage
      try {
        const asyncState = await getStoredState({ storage: AsyncStorage })
        if (!_.isEmpty(asyncState)) {
          // if data exists in `AsyncStorage` - rehydrate fs persistor with it
          fsPersistor.rehydrate(asyncState, { serial: false })
      } catch (getStateError) {
        console.warn("getStoredState error", getStateError)
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