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#I'm Hungry

##What is it?

This is a simple to use web interface for keeping track of your recipes and the ingredients you have on hand to prepare them. You can define different food locations in your home and quickly add/remove product as you go shopping or throw things out. Adding your recipes allows you to use the 'I'm Hungry' feature and compare your ingredient list to your current food items and see what meals you can make without going to the store.


I'm sick of not knowing what is in my house to eat! Like a lot of households our food is broken down and scattered into the refridgerator, extra freezer, cabinets, pantry, etc. When it comes right down to it, I have no idea what's available to eat; let alone make a meal out of. This simple web app will help keep track of what is available and how to combine that into a breakfast/lunch/dinner/whatever.


Everything is very rough at the moment but the following features are working fairly well:

  • Define Recipe Types and "Pantry" locations in your home
  • Create food items and put them in your Pantry, along with how many you have of each item
  • Create recipes, complete with ingredients and instructions
  • Clicking on a recipe shows you what ingredients you have on-hand and which you are missing


I'll have better instructions here at a later date, but here are a few things to know if attempting install:

  • You'll need a web server that can run PHP and a MySQL database (in the future an SQLite DB may be added)
  • Mod-rewrite or a non-apache alternative is required for CakePHP to work
  • Modify the database.php file in the app/Config director to reflect your MySQL settings
  • Run the supplied db.sql file to create the database structure

If you have any questions or comments - I don't care! Seriously, this is no where near ready for use by the masses, I'm not interested in helping with setup or problems right now.