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WARNING: The pure css framework is no longer supported by Yahoo and is not actively maintained. The smushit API has also been closed down so automatic image resizing will not work. You may want to look for a starter template based on a more recent CSS framework like Bootstrap 4

An advanced starter template for Joomla3.x

JoomlaPure is based on the Pure framework from Yahoo. A fully featured tiny css framework.

Documentation and demo available at

Main Features

  • Strip core Joomla output
  • Pick and choose css modules to load
  • OpenGraph and Twitter cards
  • Lazy loading social buttons
  • Microdata markup
  • WAI-ARIA Landmarks
  • Image resizing and lossless compression
  • Device specific content with mobileDetect
  • 3rd party comments
  • CDN options
  • Custom 404 editor with referer email notifications
  • Bonus extras to speed up your site


All of my best practices put into one starter template for developers.

Out of the box the template can achieve 100% on Google's pagespeed analysis, dropping to 98% if adding images with no dimensions (which can be automatically optimized), and also dropping a percent or two if you add Google's own services like webfonts and analytics.

Still in very early stages but stable enough to build a site out of!

Don't forget to publish the system plugin, there is currently no warning if it is disabled and the template won't work without it.


The package installs a system plugin and the blank template.

There are currently no warnings about the plugin being disabled, so if you get a white screen after installing, make sure the plugin is enabled.