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@@ -101,8 +101,14 @@ Tests can be ignored by addding the prefix `IGNORE` to the test function name.
declare function IGNORE-this-test-will-be-ignored()
+## MarkLogic Configuration
+The app server user must belong to a role with the following execute privileges:
+`xdmp:eval`, `xdmp:filesystem-directory`, `xdmp:filesystem-file`, `xdmp:invoke`, `xdmp:xslt-invoke`
+Test modules must be written in XQuery version "1.0-ml" to be parsed correctly.
## Acknowledgements
-Thanks to [John Snelson]( for the XQuery parser lifted from
+Thanks to Gunther Rademacher's [REx Parser Generator]( and [John Snelson]( for the XQuery 1.0-ml parser.
## Screenshots

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