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Puzzle solving web ui, fork of sabo2/pzprv3
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Puzzlink user interface

This is a fork of, which powers the great

Read the upstream README and documentation for more information; documentation within this fork is likely to be out of date for the start.

There are two reasons for the fork:

  1. to implement bug fixes, minor improvements, new puzzle types towards pzprv3 and pzprjs. The intent is to collect these in the github forks robx/pzprv3 and robx/pzprjs.
  2. to implement some larger architectural changes specific to, such as preview images for social sharing, recording of solving times, etc.

If you'd like to build on top of this, [sabo2/pzprv3] or [robx/pzprv3] are probably the better starting point.

About PUZ-PRE v3

PUZ-PRE v3 is the Web Application that is used to create or edit "pencil puzzles" which we solve by the rules and questions boards. At present, this project has a lot of puzzle genres which are mainly published by nikoli.

This script is developed against HTML5 features and JavaScript.

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