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[ABANDONED] Events calendar bundle for Symfony2
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This bundle is no longer maintained by myself. If you would like to take it over, please send me a message!

Provides applications with an events calendar. This bundle's model layer represents a heavy port of Apple's iCal application.

WARNING: This is a prototype and not a final/stable bundle.


  • Multiple Calendars
  • Flexible Events
  • Fully-implemented event recursion
  • Event alarms
  • Event RSVPs


Proceed with a normal bundle installation, and then execute the following steps:

Add to your config.yml:

# app/config/config.yml
rizza_calendar: ~

Add to your routing.yml:

# app/config/routing.yml
  resource: "@RizzaCalendarBundle/Resources/config/routing/calendar.yml"
  prefix: /calendar

  resource: "@RizzaCalendarBundle/Resources/config/routing/event.yml"
  prefix: /event


  • Add support for different view engines
  • Commands
  • Alternative storage backaends (Google Calendar, iCal feeds, etc.)
  • Event hooks
  • Convert event categories to labels?
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