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Website assets for DurHack hackathon 💣
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hello world

These are website assets for the DurHack hackathon (the fourth one, as of the write-up of this README).

Quick Start

Hopefully, it should be as trivial as cloning the repo, cding into the repository, and slapping the following commands into the terminal (assuming node.js is installed):

cd src/
npm start


You can run the asset watcher (which will re-build the assets every time you change them) with:

npm run watch

Relevant JS and CSS files to edit are in the following two directories respectively:


Do not edit the contents of src/assets/vendor/.


Presently, we've used a Digital Ocean box which is covered through the Github Student Pack. pm2 is used to run the service as a daemon, with nginx acting as a reverse proxy. SSL certificates were created using Let's Encrypt (A good tutorial on how to do this yourself can be found here.) Optionally, there are lots of open source scripts that will act as a git webhook, allowing changes to be deployed as soon as changes are pushed into your repo (similar to how Heroku works), but I'm not sensible enough to allow that to be deployed.

blah blah blah ok w/e but can I use this for my own hackathon website?

Sure, but obviously don't use our logo and colourscheme or whatever. That'll be silly.

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