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<a is="h-embed" href="$uri">$label</a>

will be transformed to

<a is="h-embed" href="$uri" style="display: none;">$label</a>
<div class="h-embed">


via DOM attributes

  • container: tag name to use (defaults to "div")
  • fragment TODO
  • cors="true" activates CORS support
  • poll TODO


h-transclude is inspired by h-include, which in turn is based on HInclude.

pjax has similar capabilities, though it's typically used in a different context.


  • ensure Node is installed
  • npm install downloads dependencies
  • npm run compile performs a one-time compilation, generating dist/bundle.js
  • npm start automatically recompiles while monitoring code changes
  • npm test checks code for stylistic consistency

note that the basic infrastructure is provided by ES6 seed

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