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Robert James Clay edited this page Aug 7, 2017 · 1 revision

Welcome to the pkg-sql-ledger wiki!

This repository is in regards to packaging the SQL-Ledger application and contains the master branch mirrored from the Debian package repository; and also contains the upstream and pristine-tar branches from there but those may be ahead of it. There may also be other branches here but they may or may not be permanent, especially those that start with dev/ in their name (see below for an example).

Currently the main issue for the package besides being up for adoption and needing to be updated to a more current upstream, is the serious bug regarding a Can't locate bin/mozilla/ in @INC issue. This bug results when attempting to run the application in Debian Testing or Debian Unstable, which now have Perl 5.26. There is also an similar issue in what is now Debian v9 ("Stable", or "Stretch"); that has Perl 5.24 and there is a temporary work-around there. It is a security related issue and is that the current directory, ".", is no longer allowed in the Perl @INC paths; Perl 5.24 allowed a work-around as part of a transition, but 5.26 does not allow it. So rather that having the short form "." in the path, one needs to explicitly add the paths that are needed as necessary. (Note that although it is not yet known if the application author has looked at addressing the issue, it has been pointed out to me that someone has tried to address it; however, it is my understanding that that is not to right way to do it.)


This branch, for instance, is for working on the issues in the package resulting from attempting to update the package to the newest upstream version, currently 3.2.5. That resulted in issues such as the following:

  1. The existing latex-cmdline-option patch did not apply to the new upstream. That will need to be resolved in order to proceed.
  2. More importantly; it results in a new Lintian Error - E: sql-ledger source: source-is-missing js/calendar.js line length is 1212 characters (>512)
  3. That js/calendar.js file is also public domain, so besides resolving the source-is-missing issue, the debian/copyright file will need to be updated for it.
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