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Movuca - web2py powered social CMS (this project is not updated/maintained anymore, if you want to adopt it, let me know, then I can transfer ownership)
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This project is not maintained anymore, if you want to fork, copy, rename, adopt go ahead and do what you want! Some things are not working on newer web2py version, we made and ro tun with new web2py but a lot of things need to be simplified in the core.

If you want a stable CMS for web2py take a look at PyNUke

  • Movuca is a Social CMS Engine
  • Demo Page
  • Inpired by
  • Powered by web2py Python web framework

  • needs Python 2.7+

  • needs pycrypto
  • needs PIL
  • needs web2py trunk

  • git clone git:// web2py

  • cd web2py/applications
  • git clone git:// demo
  • cd ..
  • python -a "yourdesiredpassword"

  • Go to brower and:

  • http://localhost:8000/demo/setup/install
  • then
  • http://localhost:8000/demo

""" Movuca - The Social CMS Copyright (C) 2012 Bruno Cezar Rocha

License: LGPLv3 (


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