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  • article privacy
  • save articel as template >> new from template
  • allow constributor authors for article
  • allow attachments in template emails (?)
  • events documentation
  • allow upload fields in contenttypes
  • Site visibility option in config | open / only home page open / only home page & profiles open / closed (to members)
  • Worker for notifications with web2py scheduller
  • widgets for home page
  • plugin manager
  • admin for users
  • admin for admins
  • groups
  • group forums
  • pages
  • add article to group
  • pictures in board (picture is a content type?)
  • mentions in board (@username
  • get comment event from disqus API (there is a way?)
  • Button to send board posts to facebook (when logged in with facebook, or get the access_token)
  • logins in a modal
  • picture gallery for users
  • new members widget
  • registered event_type
  • online users widget
  • Ads manager (google ads, boobox)
  • blog(s) mode
  • allow registration option in config? (a way to disable regitration)
  • announce new article in facebook (when logged in)
  • multi content articles
  • multi pages in article (tabs?)
  • Messages system (Kenji Plugin?)
  • responsive images src.sencha or responsivekit
  • board shares
  • comment moderation for admins
  • comment moderation options for author
  • allow author to set own disqus, facebook, intensedebate keys
  • read links and scrap (similar to open graph in facebook)
  • invite friends from google and FB
  • twitter Oauth2
  • allow schedulled posts (TRIGGER IN SITE, CRON, WORKER or SCHEDULLER)
  • registration requires invitation (web2py list)
  • docs (how to use sphinx?)
  • Asynchronous messaging & Web Chat
  • Services and Products display window & Shopping Cart
  • Events Agenda


  • Flatten html in description
  • Static Pages (for admins)
  • Menus (for admins) -- menu admin panel -- add article to menu -- add static page to menu -- process menus for bottom and left -- cache menu select -- fixtures for default menus
  • Install interface
  • config admin
  • admin dashboard
  • board replies

  • opengraph meta tags *


  • change the classes of contact box
  • better home page
  • default email templates for all events
  • show notifications in menu
  • bootstrap 2 basic theme
  • solve google login bug
  • pagination for comments
  • User menu (lateral)
  • board delete
  • article categories (fix)
  • profile form
  • profile permissions forms
  • pagination for search and lists
  • notify subscribers button in article edit
  • Drafts manager
  • upgrade syntax highlighter
  • user fav, liked, disliked lists
  • Fix bugs in counters
  • check privacy for person
  • allow sub categories in article (list:reference)
  • tag cloud
  • delete article (is_active=False, also set is_active in all queries)
  • article thrash
  • context.alerts manager
  • not receive notification of own comments
  • RSS for articles list
  • RSS for timelines
  • RSS for board posts
  • Configurable list widget with tabs (for home page, see
  • Questions & Answers
  • comment votes
  • comment reply


  • menu builder
  • better search
  • Display "loading..." message in all buttons
  • jqueryui all buttons
  • better modal for images in article
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