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In this example Swagger UI is disabled.
from flask import Flask
from http import HTTPStatus
except ImportError:
import httplib as HTTPStatus
from flasgger import Swagger
swagger_config = {
'headers': [
'specs': [
'endpoint': 'apispec',
'route': '/apispec.json',
'rule_filter': lambda rule: True,
'model_filter': lambda tag: True,
'swagger_ui': False
app = Flask(__name__)
swag = Swagger(app, config=swagger_config)
def test_swag(client, specs_data):
This test is runs automatically in Travis CI
:param client: Flask app test client
:param specs_data: {'url': {swag_specs}} for every spec in app
assert not specs_data
assert client.get('/apidocs/').status_code == HTTPStatus.NOT_FOUND
assert client.get('/apispec.json').status_code == HTTPStatus.OK
if __name__ == '__main__':
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