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One CakePHP project a day challenge - Day 07 Podcast Finder

On this project I'm using CakePHP 4 (Model Actions, Http Client, Dependency Injection), Bulma CSS Framework, Itunes Api and Podcasts Feed (XML)

Steps to create this project

  • d3d02be Initial
  • 400bc0f Added initial page (no css) template
  • 8fa0c2c Added 'fake' itunes podcast client (will replace with real one)
  • 5f087d9 Added index action and using temp client
  • 6a10c7a Migration for podcasts table
    bin/cake bake migration CreatePodcasts feed_url artist_name collection_name collection_id:biginteger artwork_url_100 artwork_url_600
    bin/cake migrations migrate
  • e587d54 Baked Podcasts model
    bin/cake bake model Podcasts
  • 7bccbab Move logic to a model action class
  • b061d87 Save Podcast on local database on search
  • 3db91d5 Added page to read episodes from Podcast feed
  • bc70429 Fix arg type to allow null
  • 8dc6c8d Setup Bulma CSS Framework
  • aa254fe Style finder page with Bulma CSS Framework
  • b02bda8 Fixed url
  • 27a3c10 Style episodes page with Bulma CSS Framework
  • 3b78821 Remove html tags from episode description
  • b2e78a0 Using real itunes podcast webservice
  • e7deaaf Dependency Injection: Added Model Logic classes to container
  • 58210ef Dependency Injection: webservice class to container
  • a09b250 Populate input text


Main page

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Episodes Page

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One CakePHP project a day challenge - Day 07 Podcast Finder






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