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One CakePHP project a day challenge - Day 12 Blog

On this project I'm using CakePHP 4, CakeDC/Users plugin, friendsofcake/bootstrap-ui, Muffin/Slug, friendsofcake/search and Bootstrap 4

Steps to create this project

  • f76ae69 Init with composer create-project --prefer-dist cakephp/app
  • e81c0e4 Added Base Models:
    bin/cake bake migration CreateBlogs title slug summary published:boolean content:text created modified
    bin/cake bake migration CreateTags name slug
    bin/cake bake migration CreateBlogsTags blog_id:integer tag_id:integer
    bin/cake migrations migrate
    bin/cake bake model Blogs
    bin/cake bake model Tags
  • 7715fee Added plugin friendsofcake/bootstrap-ui:
    composer require friendsofcake/bootstrap-ui
    bin/cake plugin load BootstrapUI
    bin/cake bootstrap install
    bin/cake bootstrap modify_view
    bin/cake bootstrap copy_layouts
  • 512dea1 Baked Admin as Initial Step:
    bin/cake bake controller --prefix Admin Tags
    bin/cake bake template -t BootstrapUI --prefix Admin Tags
    bin/cake bake controller --prefix Admin Blogs
    bin/cake bake template -t BootstrapUI --prefix Admin Blogs
  • 03bfcc0 Added plugin UseMuffin/Slug:
    composer require muffin/slug
    bin/cake plugin load Muffin/Slug
  • 6a5578b Added quilljs
  • 9f4577d Added main view and list blogs pages template from
  • ae5f82f Added tags widget cell
  • f34cabc Added search element
  • c31af68 Added route and link to view a blog
  • f86869a Added links to filter blogs by tag
  • 98adde7 Show message em not found blogs
  • 6678536 Remove invalid title
  • bbb385d Added plugin friendsofcake/search
    composer require friendsofcake/search
    bin/cake plugin load Search
  • 882d8a9 Added CakeDC/Users plugin
     composer require cakedc/users
     cp vendor/cakedc/users/config/users.php config/
     cp vendor/cakedc/users/config/permissions.php config/
     bin/cake migrations migrate
     bin/cake users add_superuser
  • ba94f3f Update Home route to show blog list
  • 5721200 Added element for nav

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One CakePHP project a day challenge - Day 12 Blog






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