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One CakePHP project a day challenge - Day 13 Olympic Medal Count

On this project I'm using CakePHP 4, CakeDC/Users plugin and Bootstrap 5

Steps to create this project

  • 65b5c86 Init
  • 503ca09 Added Base Models:
    bin/cake bake migration CreateCountries name icon gold_medal_count:integer silver_medal_count:integer bronze_medal_count:integer
    bin/cake bake migration CreateSports name
    bin/cake bake migration CreateMedals sport_id:integer country_id:integer event_name
    bin/cake migrations migrate
    bin/cake bake model Countries
    bin/cake bake model Sports
    bin/cake bake model Medals
  • cd9f06a Added Seed Data:
    bin/cake bake seed Sample
    bin/cake migrations seed
  • b43a122 Adde missing column 'type' to medals table|
    bin/cake AddTypeToMedals type|bin/cake bake migration  AddTypeToMedals type
    bin/cake migrations migrate
  • e1f17a6 Remove invalid sport
  • 3b1f70c Baked Pages to Manage Medals |
    bin/cake bake controller --prefix Admin Medals
    bin/cake bake template --prefix Admin Medals
  • 40fb0a5 Use CounterCache behavior to update count of gold, silver and bronze medal by country
  • 939267b Added action to display totals
  • 65af015 Added detail by country
  • 4bc66db Fixed query of totals to group by type
  • 48d6f62 Added icons and improved layout
  • 6f6a51e Added users plugin


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One CakePHP project a day challenge - Day 13 Olympic Medal Count






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