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One CakePHP project a day challenge - Day 14 Smart Home Dashboard with MQTT

On this project I'm using CakePHP 4, CakeDC/Users plugin, php-mqtt/client (testing with Mosquitto Broker) and Bootstrap 5. The application is able to publish messages to change device status and subscribe for status changes.

Steps to create this project

  • 7505ea7 Init and boostrap setup
    composer create-project --prefer-dist cakephp/app
  • 6ab0174 Added Base Models
    bin/cake bake migration CreateDeviceGroups name
    bin/cake bake migration CreateDevices id:uuid name type last_status device_group_id:integer  created  modified
    bin/cake migrations migrate
    bin/cake bake model DeviceGroups
    bin/cake bake model Devices
  • 1c33371 Started dashboard with groups
  • b7ed054 Added actions to manage devices
  • f401b12 Display devices in the dashboard
  • c9bb037 Update Device Status on Database
  • 9374e07 Add php-mqtt client:
    composer require php-mqtt/client
  • 03211b7 Publish message using MQTT when user change device status
  • 3312e4e Added a command to simulate the smart home center device (raspberry pi)
  • 2b87291 Added a command to subscribe to message from SmartHome Center
  • c6224f8 Added Link to Delete Device
  • e8de6f4 Fixed non inline images
  • 9dc9b6e Added sample command to simulate SmartHome center publishing status
  • 2541484 Added MQTT modal info for each device
  • c10d28b Added Svg icon for delete button
  • 88550ea Removed device id from cards, we already have info in the modal
  • b943042 Improved header
  • fad2c6e Added CakeDC/Users
    composer require cakedc/users
    cp vendor/cakedc/users/config/users.php config/
    cp vendor/cakedc/users/config/permissions.php config/
    cp vendor/cakedc/users/config/Migrations/* config/Migrations/
    bin/cake migrations migrate
    bin/cake users add_superuser


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One CakePHP project a day challenge - Day 14 Smart Home Dashboard with MQTT






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