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One Project a Day with CakePHP - 01 Notes App

On this project is used CakePHP 5 (migrated from CakePHP 4) and bootstrap 5

Steps to create this project

  • e0a632b composer create-project --prefer-dist cakephp/app
  • 2280245 Bootstrap - Start up
  • 3109eb2 Migrations for Notes
    bin/cake bake migration CreateNotes title note created modified
    bin/cake migrations migrate
  • 612da0d Bake base components
      bin/cake bake model Notes
      bin/cake bake controller Notes
      bin/cake bake template Notes
  • ac24ecd Improve index css with bootstrap
  • 10a2ec3 Update paginator templates
  • f64e8bb Make edit and index one page only
  • 4e2e7e2 Make add part and index one page
  • f26d1d9 Sort notes by modified date
  • 2b3416c Update flash message styles with bootstrap
  • ff729a5 Clear add form on cancel button
  • fc42f09 Using svg icons using

Upgrade to CakePHP 5

  • c7b7a49 Upgraded to CakePHP 5.0.0-beta1 Chiffon based on a clean template (cakephp/app:5.x-dev)
  • 49c4838 Upgraded to CakePHP 5.0.0-beta1 Chiffon - Fixing types