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One Project a Day with CakePHP - 02 Contact List

On this project I'm using CakePHP 4, bootstrap 5,, and gravatar url.

Steps to create this project

  • e1196ff Initial Setup and Bootstrap Setup
    composer create-project --prefer-dist cakephp/app
  • 28a0dea Migrations
    bin/cake bake migration CreateContacts name email phone twitter_username github_username
    bin/cake migrations migrate
  • 68e0b1b Baking components
    bin/cake bake controller Contacts
    bin/cake bake templates Contacts
    bin/cake bake template Contacts
  • 999bae5 Added bootstrap style to index to use list instead of tables
  • 5c2cb52 Added bootstrap style to add|edit pages; Using one template for form pages
  • 1a68882 Added bootstrap style to flash messages
  • f86f449 Added FriendsOfCake/search
    composer require require friendsofcake/search
    bin/cake plugin load Search
  • ca3d15d Add contact image using gravatar
  • b886414 Added plugin FriendsOfCake/cakephp-upload to allow user to upload contact image
    composer require josegonzalez/cakephp-upload
    bin/cake plugin load Josegonzalez/Upload
    bin/cake bake migration AddPhotoToContacts photo
    bin/cake migrations migrate