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Materials for "Introduction to Text Analysis" (IPM 2018)
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Introduction to Text Analysis

Institute for Political Methodology

Academia Sinica, Taiwan

July 24 and 25, 9:00-12:00

This course introduces students to modern quantitative text analysis techniques. The goal is to provide an orientation for those wishing to go further with text analysis in their own research. We will use the open source programming language R. Demonstration corpora are provided.

See the entire syllabus here.

Before Class

If you are a student, please complete the following tasks before class:

  1. Read the syllabus and papers listed in the prerequisites section.
  2. Download and install the software listed in Tech Requirements page.
  3. The night before class, download the Class Repo as a zip file (the green button on the upper right hand corner --> Download as zip file.)
  4. Unzip the file in a location of your choice.
  5. Find the path of the folder you unzipped and write it down.


Rochelle Terman:

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