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Introduction To Computational Tools And Techniques For Social Research

This course will provide graduate students the critical technical skills necessary to conduct research in computational social science and digital humanities, introducing them to the basic computer literacy, programming skills, and application knowledge that students need to be successful in further methods work.

The course is currently divided into two main sections: skills (with an emphasis on Python and R), and applications (e.g., webscraping and text analysis). The “skills” portion introduces students to basic computer literacy, terminologies, and programming languages - i.e. Bash, R, Python, and Git. The second part of the course provides students the opportunity to use the skills they learned in part 1 towards practical applications such as automated text analysis, geospatial analysis, data collection via APIs, webscraping, etc.

Please note that materials are still in development, and will be changing.


Creator: Rochelle Terman:

Course Instructor Fall 2016: Rachel Bernhard:


Introduction to Computational Tools and Techniques for Social Research



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