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This code is an extension of the elscreen mode that uses your window title (Emacs frame name) to show the tabs/screens of elscreen.


Mostly the same as elscreen:

    (require 'elscreen-fr)     ;; was (require 'elscreen)
    (elscreen-fr-start)        ;; was (elscreen-start)

You can Keep the same elscreen customization variables, but some of them will no take effect. These variables are:

  1. elscreen-display-screen-number
  2. elscreen-display-tab
  3. elscreen-tab-display-control
  4. elscreen-tab-display-kill-screen

All are set to nil when elscreen-fr is started.


Useful keys to change from tab to tab, as in most user interfaces using tabs:

    (global-set-key [(control prior)] 'elscreen-previous)
    (global-set-key [(control next)] 'elscreen-next)

The customization group lets you tweak few parameters.



This is the first screen after Emacs startup. screenshot

Open several tabs

Once elscreen-fr has been started, use it as you would use elscreen. See how opening new screens with different buffers on them change the window title.

The current screen is shown between square brackets:

screenshot screenshot screenshot

Now select the first one again, screenshot

and open customomize-group screenshot


You can use numbers or nicknames instead of the default name: screenshot screenshot

And also a custom window title prefix instead of the default frame name: screenshot

If you consider scren names are too long when the list of buffers is shown, you can limit the maximum length shown: screenshot


Tested only under Linux / Gnome. Feedback welcome!