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Kangaroo V 1.0


Sites That Use Kangaroo

jQuery plugin that lets you create beautiful responsive Accordion dropdown content.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="kangaroo.css" />

Put the script at the bottom of your markup right after jQuery:

<script src="jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="jquery.easing.1.3.js"></script>
<script src="jquery.kangaroo.accordion.js"></script>
<ul id="kangaroo">
    <a href="#">Title 1</a>
    <div class="kangaroo-content"></div>
    <a href="#">Title 2</a>
    <div class="kangaroo-content"></div>
    <a href="#">Title 3</a>
    <div class="kangaroo-content"></div>

Call the plugin function and your carousel is ready.



  open: -1,
  // if set to true, only one item can be opened. Once one item is opened, any other that is opened will be closed first
  oneOpenedItem: true,
  // speed of the open / close item animation
  speed: 600,
  // easing of the open / close item animation
  easing: 'easeOutCubic',
  // speed of the scroll to action animation
  scrollSpeed: 900,
  // easing of the scroll to action animation
  scrollEasing: 'easeOutCubic',
  // Throttled refresh time
  refreshRate: 500

    open: -1,
    oneOpenedItem: true,
    speed: 600,
    easing: 'easeOutCubic',
    scrollSpeed: 900,
    scrollEasing: 'easeOutCubic',
    responsiveClass: false


 var kangaroo = $('#kangaroo').data('kangaroo');

      var $pouch = $('#kangaroo');
      var $item = $context.find('.pouch');
      kangaroo.close($context, $item);

isOpened - returns true or false
toggleItem($pouch) - opens/closes item
close($pouch, $pouchContent) - closes item
open($pouch, $pouchContent) - opens item


None yet


I welcome contributors, bugs, and questions.

Bug reports

A bug is a demonstrable problem that is caused by the code in the repository. Good bug reports are extremely helpful, so thanks!

Guidelines for bug reports:

  1. Use the GitHub issue search — check if the issue has already been reported.

  2. Check if the issue has been fixed — try to reproduce it using the latest develop branch in the repository.

  3. Isolate the problem — ideally create a reduced test case and a live example. This JSFiddle is a helpful template you can fork.

By submitting a patch, you agree to allow the project owner to license your work under the terms of the MIT License.


The code and the documentation are released under the MIT License.