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This directory structure follows some simple rules, to allow for generic build
processes and simplify reuse of this project. 

For build automation the project structure should be parsed and validated

-- src/ 
	Contains all header (*.h/*.hpp) and source files
-- build/
	The target directory for the build process, temporary content
-- bindings/
	Language bindings for this package, e.g. put into subfolders such as
   |-- ruby/ 
        Ruby language bindings
-- viz/
        Source files for a vizkit plugin / widget related to this library 
-- resources/
	General resources such as images that are needed by the program
-- configuration/
	Configuration files for running the program
-- external/
	When including software that needs a non standard installation process, or one that can be
	easily embedded include the external software directly here
-- doc/
	should contain the existing doxygen file: doxygen.conf