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Talos Particle Engine
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talos vfx

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Node based, open source VFX Editor with powerfull interface and a ready to use libGDX runtime.



Key Features

  • Node based particle engine and editor
  • Import (and batch import) from libgdx legacy files
  • Beam Renderer
  • Visual manipulation of shapes, sizes and positions
  • Custom pre-compiled java scriptwriting for value manipulation
  • Custom widget flaours allowing for same widget to look differently if it's just number or if number is angle

List of modules (nodes)

  • Particle module - main output hub for particle related properties (per particle)
  • Emitter module - main output hubg for emitter related properties such as delay, emissions and such
  • System Input - list of inner system values that can be exposed and used by other modules (particle life, emitter life, time)
  • Global Values - dynamic list of values that can be assigned runtime, and used by modules
  • Mixer - Mixes values A & B with provided alpha ratio
  • Shape Range - outputs random position values On or Within provided shape (supports shape customisation, and morphing)
  • Number - Static number output
  • Position - Static position (x and y) output
  • Color - Static color (r,g,b) output
  • Gradient - Interpolates between given list of color values
  • Beam Renderer - renders custom mesh that can be mutated by Bezier tangents and with provided Noise offset. Per inner point.
  • Sprite Renderer - renders simple one texture (region) sprite
  • Flipbook - renders animated output based on provided sprite sheet
  • Random Range - generates random value in given range
  • Dynamic Random Range - interpolates between 2 number ranges using provided curve
  • Noise - outputs simplex noise, with modifiable frequency
  • Multi Input - has dynamic amount of inputs, chooses one randomply and set's it to output
  • Curve - Allows for user made curve with provided points, outputs single value
  • Interpolation - Same as Curve but instead of custom points it is procedural meaning it's a formula
  • Math Operations - Add, substract, multiply, devide, sin, cos functions to be used with A and B values
  • Beam Position - Converts From and To positoin values into Rotation, Position & Size values that are used by Beam Renderer
  • Emitter Config - Wraps emitter configuration checkboxes into one UI.
  • Script (Java) - Modules with 5 inputs and 5 outputs that can take a Java code as string to act open this values.
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