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An iOS + Raspberry Pi + Arduino sentry gun.
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Raspberry Pi Server for SwiftUI's example
Raspberry Pi Server


An iOS-powered crowd control machine. Requires an iOS device, a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino.


iOS uses CoreML to detect people's faces. Angles are calculated and sent to a Raspberry Pi via socket connection, which routes the angles to an Arduino which controls the sentry's motors. A button connected to the Raspberry is used to turn the whole thing on and off.


The whole thing is currently just a prototype, with the Arduino only handling a single servo motor that moves in the X axis. I'll update this README as the project progresses.

Things you need to do to run this:

  • Change the socket IP address at the iOS project / Raspberry python file to match your Raspberry's IP
  • Change the USB port at the Raspberry's python file to match your Arduino's
  • Change the pins at the Arduino file to match your actual build (Current: servo at pin 9 and buzzer at pin 11)
  • The Raspberry listens to commands from a Dream Cheeky Big Red Button: . You might want to edit the Raspberry's python file to stop this interaction if you do not want to use this button.

Detailed instructions TODO

Interacting with the Sentry Gun:



  • Arduino: Add an Y axis servo, a trigger-pulling servo, and a Nerf gun
  • iOS/Raspberry: Change socket connection to a bluetooth connection


I borrowed some AVCaptureVideoPreviewLayer code from Thanks!

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