A portable video player based on ffmpeg for windows and android platform.
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A portable video player based on ffmpeg for windows and android platform.

It is a simple and light weight player implemention without SDL or other third party library. player core codes are written in C language, KISS and easy to read.

It directly access to video and audio rendering device on specific platforms. on win32 playform, using gdi & direct3d api implements video rendering, using waveout api implements audio rendering. on android platform, using AudioTrack and ANativeWindow api for audio and video rendering.

Currently, this player can smoothly playback many video files, with low cpu and memory usage (compared with ffplay of offical ffmpeg), high performance, compatibility and stability, and the audio/video also synchronized very well.


  1. low memory and cpu usage
  2. audio/video synchronized very well
  3. gdi and direct3d rendering on win32 platform
  4. support variable speed playback 1% to 100%, 200% ..
  5. waveform and spectrum visual effect
  6. support stream selection
  7. support network media stream playback
  8. support dshow, gdigrab and vfwcap (avdevice of ffmpeg)
  9. take video snapshot, support save into jpeg and png 10.very fast (async) seek operation taking 0ms delay 11.support video rotation by ffmpeg avfilter 12.support step seek forward/backward operation 13.mediacodec hardware decoding on android 14.dxva2 hardware acceleration on windows 15.rotation for direct3d video rendering 16.support auto-reconnect for live stream playing


testplayer is a simple test player for fanplayer
hot-keys for testplayer:
ctrl+O - open file
ctrl+E - switch visual effect
ctrl+M - switch between letter box and stretch rect
ctrl+R - switch between gdi and d3d
ctrl+A - switch audio stream
ctrl+V - switch video stream
ctrl+S - take a snapshot of video
ctrl+F - step seek forward
ctrl+B - step seek backward
ctrl+up - play speed up
ctrl+down - play speed down
ctrl+T - switch speed type
ctrl+X - rotate video (only for d3d rendering mode)
ctrl+C - record current playing media to record.mp4 file

want to learn more?

want to learn more about fanplayer, please visit our wiki.


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qq group: 383930765

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