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A repository for learning how to publish NPM packages as well as contribute to open source projects.
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🎉 how-to-open-source 🎉

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This module is meant as a learning/training tool for those interested in publishing their own open source project to the NPM Registry. It is also here for those wishing to learn how to contribute to open source projects. It is purely a learning and training tool at this point and holds no real purpose as a dependency to any production based application.

📓 Documentation 📓

Documentation is still present in the wiki, but is under construction 💯


There are currently no dependencies needed to run this package, although that can change with additional features so stay tuned!

$ npm install --save how-to-open-source
## or
$ yarn add how-to-open-source


  • CommonJS
const rcjh = require('how-to-open-source').rcjh;

const result = rcjh();

console.log(result); // 'ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK, KU!'
  • ES6
import { rcjh } from 'how-to-open-source';

const result = rcjh();

console.log(result); // 'ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK, KU!'


All scripting is being managed through nps. All the scripts for the repository and their descriptions can be found in the package-scripts.js.

Scripts in the package.json:

yarn build
# Executes rollup build of all distributions in production mode

yarn cm
# precommit git-hook will run first executing scripts
# in lint-staged & validating the code...
# Executes the commitizen-cli

yarn start
# Executes nps command.
# used in .circleci/config.yml to pass prefix to scripts
# i.e. yarn start test --> nps test

yarn test
# Executes testing via jest & .jestConfig
# generates coverage data.

🏃 Running code locally

If you are developing a cool new feature and want to see that it really does perform the way you want; follow these instructions to package the code base and run it just like you would if it was on the npm registry!

yarn build && yarn start library
# Executes bundling in production environment.
# Executes npm pack & opens the tarball file.

# In sandbox files import your feature

yarn start sandbox
# Executes cjs & es code in corresponding sandbox.js files.


Please visit




Many thanks to @kentcdodds for the great tutorial and @bebraw for sending me the link to a chapter from his book Authoring Packages.

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