Extra Gstreamer Plugins for RockChip SDK
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Signed-off-by: Eddie Cai <eddie.cai.linux@gmail.com>
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This is a set of GStreamer plugins about graphics/camera for rockchip platform.
Most of them were modified based on upstream existing plugin.

This software has been tested only with kernel after 4.4.


Elements Type Comments Origin
rkximagesink Video Render (sink) kmssink on X11, for overlay display ximagesink + kmssink
kmssink Video Render (sink) overlay display kmssink
rgaconvert Video Converter video colorspace,format,size conversion v4l2 transform
rkcamsrc Device Sources rockchip isp camera source v4l2src



Pipeline example

  • display : X Display name, for window display : (optional)
  • connector-id : DRM connector id, for drm display : (optional)
  • display-ratio : Enable the aspect ratio display : (default : true)


Pipeline example

Most of the properties are the same as that of v4l2 transform, below are rockchip extend properties:

  • rotation : 90-degree step rotation mode for the inner video frame : (default : 0)
  • hflip : horizontal flip : (default : false)
  • vflip : vertical flip : (default : false)
  • input-crop : Selection-crop, should be "left"x"top"x"width"x"height": (optional)
  • output-crop : Selection-compose, should be "left"x"top"x"width"x"height" : (optional)
  • vpu-stride : Use 4 alignment for input height, to handle VPU buffer correctly. Note if it's enabled, input-crop are unavailable. : (default : false)


Pipeline example

Most of the properties are the same as that of v4l2src, below are rockchip extend properties:

  • disable-autoconf : If false, this plugin will init pad format/selection for isp_subdev/sensor, to make the media pipeline work out-of-box: (default : false)
  • tuning-xml-path : tuning xml file, needed by 3A : (default : "/etc/cam_iq.xml")
  • isp-mode : "0A" to disable 3A, "2A" to enable AWB/AE, "3A" to enable AWB/AE/AF : (default : "false")
  • input-crop : Selection-crop, should be "left"x"top"x"width"x"height": (optional)

NOTE: DO NOT RELY ON disable-autoconf=false!
This feature is only used to make debug conveniently.
rkcamsrc plugin is not designed as a CamHal. It's more like v4l2-ctl, just a simple capture program.
Since the use cases are divers, please handle media-controller and pad format/selection in APP level.