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Template for RStudio on Binder / JupyterHub


Generate a Git repository that can run R code with RStudio on the browser via or any JupyterHub from this template repository!

Based on the rocker/geospatial image.

How to use this repo

1. Create a new repo using this as a template

Use the Use this template button on GitHub. Use a descriptive name representing the GUI app you are running / demoing. You can then follow the rest of the instructions in this README from your newly created repository.

2. Install any packages you want

You can create an install.R file that will be executed on build. Use install.packages or devtools::install_version.


Packages are installed from, and binary packages are preferred wherever possible. For some R packages, you might need to install system packages via apt - you can do so by writing out a list of apt package names in apt.txt.

3. Modify the Binder Badge in the

The 'Launch on Binder' badge in this README points to the template repository. You should modify it to point to your own repository. Keep the urlpath=rstudio parameter intact - that is what makes sure your repo will launch directly into RStudio

4. Add your R code and update README

Finally, add the R code you want to demo to the repository! Cleanup the README too so it talks about your code, not these instructions on setting up this repo


It didn't work! What do I do now?. If you are installing additional R *packages, this will sometimes fail when a package requires an external library *that is not found on the container. We're working on a more elegant solution *for this case, but meanwhile, you'll need to modify the Dockerfile to install *these libraries. For instance, the gsl R package page *reads

# Install System Prerequisites for Ubuntu 20.04 (focal)
apt-get install -y libgsl0-dev

To solve this, you will need to add the following line to your apt.txt file:


Or, just get in touch by opening an issue. We'll try and resolve common cases so more things work out of the box.