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Rocker stack for Machine Learning in R

This repository contains images for machine learning and GPU-based computation in R.

The dependency stack looks like so:

-| rocker/tidyverse
  -| rocker/tensorflow
    -| rocker/ml
  -| rocker/cuda 
    -| rocker/tensorflow-gpu
      -| rocker/ml-gpu
    -| rocker/cuda-dev

Nvidia CUDA libraries to the rocker-versioned stack (building on rocker/tidyverse).

Quick start

Begin with the ml or ml-gpu version for a batteries-included setup

Note: gpu images require nvidia-docker runtime to run!

Run a bash shell or R command line:

docker run --rm -ti rocker/ml R
nvidia-docker run --rm -ti rocker/ml-gpu R

Or run in RStudio instance:

docker run -e PASSWORD=mu -p 8787:8787 rocker/ml
nvidia-docker run -e PASSWORD=mu -p 8787:8787 rocker/ml-gpu


GPU-based images are built with CUDA 9.0 (on latest / 3.5.2 tags, where tags track the current R release, as in the rest of the rocker-versioned stack).

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