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Overview of provided images

Images are built based on the latest Debian distribution with completely updated packages for security and performance. We will generally use the rolling Debian testing release. Images providing additional packages will often install packages directly from CRAN sources, rather than relying on prepackaged binaries. This means that most images should always contain the latest versions of the packages that are available on CRAN. Certain use-cases may provide packages not (yet) available on CRAN.

Base Docker Containers

image description metrics build status
r-base Current R via apt-get with debian:testing & unstable repos
r-devel R-devel added side-by-side onto r-base (using alias RD)
drd lighter r-devel, built not quite daily
r-ver Specify R version in docker tag. Builds on ubuntu:latest

Use cases

The rocker project also hosts Docker images illustrating particular use cases. More information about these can be found in their respective respositories on rocker-org

Unversioned images (builds on r-base)

image description metrics build status
r-devel-san as r-devel, but built with compiler sanitizers
r-devel-ubsan-clang Sanitizers, clang c compiler (instead of gcc)
rstudio:testing rstudio on debian:testing
r-apt (R plus CRAN + marutter repo information)


Versioned stack (builds on r-ver)

These images build on rocker/r-ver. Each of these include tags to specify the desired version of R, from 4.0.0 -, See rocker-versioned2 repo for details.

image description metrics build status
rstudio Adds rstudio
tidyverse Adds tidyverse & devtools
verse Adds tex & publishing-related packages
geospatial Adds geospatial libraries
shiny shiny-server on r-ver

Anyone interested in proposing or collaborating on additional use cases should read our guide to contributing and get in touch

Best practices in Dockerfile construction