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Rocket League Replay Parsers

Daniel Samuels edited this page Jun 21, 2016 · 35 revisions

There is an active discussion on the parsing of Rocket League replay files on the Psyonix forums. There is some old discussion on Reddit.

Project Status Language Type Parses header? Parses network data? Checks CRC?
tfausak/octane Active Haskell Library and CLI Yes Yes Yes
jjbott/RocketLeagueReplayParser Active C# Library/Console App Yes Yes Yes
joshua-arts/rocket-ruby Active Ruby Library Yes Yes No
calvinbaart/rl-replay Active Javascript Library Yes Yes No
TcT2k/RLReplayManager Semi-active C++ Desktop application Yes No No
Galile0/pyrope Abandoned Python Library Yes Yes No
rlr/pyrope Abandoned Python Library Yes Yes No
markhildreth/rl_replay_parser Abandoned Python Library Yes In progress No
rustyfausak/gizmo Abandoned PHP Library Yes No No
rustyfausak/gizmo-elixir Abandoned Elixir Library Yes No No
jonathanedgecombe/replay-manager Abandoned C# Desktop application Yes No No
rlr/rocket-league-replay-parser Abandoned Python Library Yes No No
rlr/rocket-league-replay-parser-js Abandoned Javascript Library Yes No No
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