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Rocket Pool - Next Generation Decentralised Ethereum Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Infrastructure Service and Pool

Rocket Pool Documentation Hub - Features Guides, FAQs, API Reference and more. It is written in Vitepress.

We welcome all contributions! Please refer to our contribution guidelines.


  • Node v20.0.0
  • Pnpm 8.6.0

Strongly recommend using asdf to manage your toolchain versions.

asdf install nodejs 20.0.0

Pnpm can be installed via:

npm install -g pnpm

Just (rust based task runner) can be installed via:

brew/apt-get install just

See the Justfile for available commands.

Local Testing

If you want to test this locally, follow the next few steps:

  • Clone this repo eg: git clone ./rpdocs
  • Move into the directory: cd rpdocs
  • Install dependencies using: pnpm install or yarn install
  • Run the dev server which will create the site and update automatically when you make changes: yarn dev or pnpm run dev
  • Go to http://localhost:5173/ in your browser to view the site.
  • Ensure that pnpm run build doesn't have any errors or dead links before creating a pull request

Project Structure

Files under docs/.vitepress include components, style and configs.

To add new pages and have them appear in the side menu, add the links to the sidebar property in the docs/.vitepress/config.js file for them to appear.


Rocket Pool Documentation & Guide Hub






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