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Welcome to the Redmine-Gitosis wiki!

In lieu of any locatable formal documentation for this very useful plugin, here follows one happy user’s unorganized struggle to recall what it took to get it working. The author of this plugin did not write this, and has not even necessarily had the opportunity to read and correct it. Furthermore, not every detail was necessarily recalled with perfect accuracy in the aforementioned struggle.

Edit RAILS_ROOT/vendor/plugins/redmine-gitosis/lib/gitosis.rb and configure GITOSIS_URI and GITOSIS_BASE_PATH appropriately.

Still in gitosis.rb, verify that the following line is correct for your setup:

ENV['GIT_SSH'] = SSH_WITH_IDENTITY_FILE = File.join(RAILS_ROOT, 'vendor/plugins/redmine_gitosis/extra/ssh_with_identity_file.sh')

As it’s natural and likely that the redmine-gitosis plugin will be installed to plugins/redmine-gitosis, I chose to replace redmine_gitosis with redmine-gitosis in this file. Renaming the plugin’s directory to redmine_gitosis works just as well I presume.

Place a private key at RAILS_ROOT/vendor/plugins/redmine-gitosis/extra/ssh/private_key which has write access to the gitosis-admin.git repo configured above as GITOSIS_URI

Users may manage their keys by clicking on Public keys next to Change password on the account settings page. Gitosis permissions and keys will be configured according to each user’s configured role for each repository.

Both ssh and git binaries (perhaps more?) must be found in the appropriate user’s path.

Note that redmine-gitosis assumes sole control of configuration directives in gitosis.conf for repositories which it is aware of. Any user-made changes will be lost every time a change is made by redmine-gitosis.

Official Install Guide

Can be found here