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Make package version hunting easy -- Waiting for a revival, time should be cheaper ;)

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Folivora is your new tool which never lets you forget about package updates. You define your projects and dependencies and once a new release hits PyPi Folivora will notify you.

A hosted version is available on heroku (username/password is demo/demo, although to get notifications you should register on your own) and you can try it our yourself (in a venv):

git clone git://
cd folivora
pip install -r requirements.txt
python syncdb

The default settings expect a postgres server on localhost with a database named folivora (postgres is a requirement due to the usage of hstore). You also need to run an initial sync with PyPi to fetch the package names:

PYTHONPATH=. DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=example.settings ./extra/

After that changes are fetched via celery. To run the project use:

foreman start -f Procfile.development

You can find some documentation on readthedocs

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