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Rocketbot v20231110 Fix

Updates 2024-03-05


  • rpaweb: restore previous update to avoid boot error

Updates 2024-03-04


  • driverupdater: Change chromedriver URL to search dynamically due to google updates
  • rpaweb: Fix selenium library

Rocketbot v20240215 beta

Updates 2024-02-15


  • rpaweb: Add new functionallity to click command. Now you can scroll to the element before click it and wait for the element to be clickable.
  • rpaweb: Add new functionallity to send keys command. Now you can send keys to a specific element withouth the need to click it before.
  • rpasystem: New command to get command line arguments.
  • rpasystem: New command to set multiple variables from a list of values.
  • rpavirtual: Added the possibility to use the same screenshot for different resolutions.
  • web: Add long description to all commands.
  • framework: Add new export method to export projects that include framework, resouces and modules.
  • core: Add the possibility to disable logs for a specific robot.
  • core: Add new internal variables to get the robot name, project path and database path.
  • core: Add the possibility to choose the log path for a specific robot.
  • rpascripts: Now you can use separate modules for each robot.
  • variables: Add new variable type to encrypt the value.
  • variables: Add default value to variables.
  • variables: Added buttons to delete and clear all variables in category.
  • updater: Now the updater is included in the studio and don't need to download updates from external app.
  • a_activatelicense: New services to update online license automatically.
  • a_args: New argument to desactivate logs for the robot in execution. --no-log


  • auth: Fix bug in login view for orchestrator license on studio.
  • auth: Remove error message when user is not logged in with orchestrator license.
  • driverupdater: Increase timeout to 80 seconds.
  • rpavirtual: Fix bug when opening Rocketbot from a shortcut.
  • rpavirtual - mac: Fix double click bug.
  • core: Fix license bug when the computer is restarted.
  • updater: Create a backup folder before updating.

How to install

  1. Download Rocketbot Studio
  2. Unzip
  3. Go to the folder an run Rocketbot.exe