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PusherAS ActionScript3 Client Library using the native AS3 event system. Developed for real-time Mobile, Desktop, Browser applications.

Listed at

###Example Script Demo: alt tag

Live Demo: Note: Open the browser console to inspect log messages.

###Usage: To define the pusher connection, create a new PusherOptions instance. The PusherOptions provides several keys to define the pusher setup, disconnect / interrupt handling. To display log messages from the PusherAS, include the LoggerAS library from into your project.

public function PusherASExample()
    // Setup the LoggerAS logging framework
    LAS.addTarget(new LASTraceTarget());
    // Create pusher options
    var pusherOptions:PusherOptions = new PusherOptions();
    pusherOptions.applicationKey = '7eb5f11xxxxxxxxxxx';
    pusherOptions.auth_endpoint = '';
    pusherOptions.origin = ''; = true;
    pusherOptions.autoPing = true;
    pusherOptions.pingPongBasedDisconnect = true;
    pusherOptions.pingInterval = 750;
    pusherOptions.pingPongTimeout = 15000;
    pusherOptions.interruptTimeout = 2500;
    // Create pusher client and connect to server
    _pusher = new Pusher(pusherOptions);
    _pusher.verboseLogging = true;
    // Pusher event handling
    _pusher.addEventListener(PusherEvent.CONNECTION_ESTABLISHED, pusher_CONNECTION_ESTABLISHED);
    // Pusher websocket event handling
    _pusher.addEventListener(PusherConnectionStatusEvent.WS_DISCONNECTED, pusher_WS_DISCONNECTED);
    _pusher.addEventListener(PusherConnectionStatusEvent.WS_FAILED, pusher_WS_FAILED);
    _pusher.addEventListener(PusherConnectionStatusEvent.WS_INTERRUPTED, pusher_WS_INTERRUPTED);

PusherConnectionStatusEvent.WS_DISCONNECTED will be dispatched if the socket disconnects, or if pingPongBasedDisconnect is enabled, the pingPongTimeout is reached.

protected function pusher_WS_DISCONNECTED(event:PusherConnectionStatusEvent):void
    logger.error("Disconnected! " + JSON.stringify(;

PusherConnectionStatusEvent.WS_FAILED will be dispatched if the socket failes for some reason. (IOError, SecurityError)

protected function pusher_WS_FAILED(event:PusherConnectionStatusEvent):void
    logger.error("Connection Failed! " + JSON.stringify(;

PusherConnectionStatusEvent.WS_INTERRUPTED will be dispatched if the socket detected a interrupt change based on ping pong timeouts. Define this timeout with interruptTimeout. is true if the connections is interrupted and false if the interruption is over.

protected function pusher_WS_INTERRUPTED(event:PusherConnectionStatusEvent):void
    logger.warn("Connection interrupted: " +;

PusherEvent.CONNECTION_ESTABLISHED will be dispatched if the pusher connection is sucessfully established.

protected function pusher_CONNECTION_ESTABLISHED(event:PusherEvent):void
    // Subscribe to a test channel and add a event listener to it.
    var testChannel:PusherChannel = _pusher.subscribe('test_channel');
    testChannel.addEventListener('MY_EVENT', testChannel_MY_EVENT);

Channels are able to dispatch custom events, based on PusherEvent.

protected function testChannel_MY_EVENT(event:PusherEvent):void
    trace('Event arrived on test_channel: ' + event.toJSON());

For a detailed example please checkout:


Copyright (c) 2014 Tilman Griesel -


[OUTDATED!] Pusher AS3 (ActionScript3) Client Library [Listed at]




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