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@@ -141,6 +141,7 @@ Passwords can be encrypted in any YAML configuration file.
For example config/database.yml
adapter: mysql
host: db1w
@@ -156,11 +157,13 @@ Note: Use SymmetricEncryption.try_decrypt method which will return nil if it
Note: In order for the above technique to work in other YAML configuration files
the YAML file must be processed using ERB prior to passing to YAML. For example
config_file = Rails.root.join('config', 'redis.yml')
raise "redis config not found. Create a config file at: config/redis.yml" unless config_file.file?
cfg = YAML.load([Rails.env]
raise("Environment #{Rails.env} not defined in redis.yml") unless cfg
### Large File Encryption
@@ -208,10 +211,21 @@ encrypted = SymmetricEncryption.encrypt('hello world')
puts SymmetricEncryption.decrypt(encrypted)
-### Generating encrypted passwords
+### Rake Tasks
+For PCI compliance developers should not be the ones creating or encrypting
+passwords. The following rake tasks can be used by system administrators to
+generate and encrypt passwords for databases, or external web calls.
+It is safe to pass the encrypted password for say MySQL to the developers
+who can then put it in the config files which are kept in source control.
+Generate a random password and display its encrypted form:
+ rake symmetric_encryption:random_password
+Encrypt a known value, such as a password:
-The following rake task can be used to generate encrypted passwords for the
-specified environment
+ rake symmetric_encryption:encrypt
Note: Passwords must be encrypted in the environment in which they will be used.
Since each environment should have its own symmetric encryption keys

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