🌏 Live visualization of all the pokemon in your area... and more!
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Python 2.7 License Build Status

Live visualization of all the Pokémon (with option to show gyms, raids and PokéStops) in your area. This is a proof of concept that we can load all the Pokémon visible nearby given a location. Currently runs on a Flask server displaying Google Maps with markers on it.



  • Shows Pokémon, PokéStops, raids and gyms with a clean GUI.
  • Notifications
  • Lure information
  • Multithreaded mode
  • Filters
  • Independent worker threads (many can be used simultaneously to quickly generate a livemap of a huge geographical area)
  • Localization (en, es, fr, pt_br, de, ru, ko, ja, zh_tw, zh_cn, zh_hk)
  • DB storage (mysql) of all found Pokémon
  • Incredibly fast, efficient searching algorithm (compared to everything else available)



For instructions on how to setup and run the tool, please refer to the project documentation.


Please note, deployments are not supported officially. You are using these deployment links at your own risk. Deploy Deploy on Scalingo


Please submit all pull requests to develop branch.

Building off tejado's python pgoapi, Mila432's API, leegao's additions and Flask-GoogleMaps. Current version relies primarily on the pgoapi and Google Maps JS API.

Discord and front-end use Iconset by Roundicons Freebies and icon by Flat Icons from www.flaticon.com. License: CC 3.0 BY can be found here.