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[Retired] Temporary home for SimpleForms for ProcessWire, which will probably be renamed to something else soon. New repo will live in the rockettpw organisation.
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SimpleForms for ProcessWire

Shield: Status = Alpha Shield: Version = 0.8.1 Shield: License = MIT

Note: This module is under alpha development, and should not be used in production environments.


Documentation will be posted after stability has been reached. SimpleForms may likely be renamed to something else. Possibilities include DevForms, QuickForms, and FormCrafter.


  • Form attachments (mostly ready; need to do some more testing to confirm)
  • Make AJAX optional, using standard form submission protocols (majority done)
  • Add translation (module) support
  • Migrate existing translation technique to mirror Jumplinks 2 (unpublished) behaviour
  • Auto-prepend form stylesheet to HTML templates (working, but additional considerations to be made, such as being able to define which templates will not receive the stylesheet contents)
  • Add YAML support for form config (JSON is preferred by the module when both formats are provided)
  • Add multi-lang support for config file (possibility: config.[lang-code])
  • Make module configurable - allow for default form-recipient and noreply/auto-response sender, and allow for addition of email disclaimer/signature text for the purposes of importing (this would need to have support for multiple languages)
  • Simple form builder, based on JSON specifications (include support for Bootstrap, Foundation, and ProcessWire InputFields)
  • Template attachments for logos or social buttons in emails
  • Add autoload support (SoC)
  • Save submitted forms and make view-link available in emails (form-receipient only)

Module is released under the MIT License.