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Starfield jQuery Plugin

A plugin to add a bitchin' starry background to your website. See an example at http://rocketwagon.github.io/jquery-starfield/.


To use, simply select a div element and call the .starfield() method.

How to use



Starfield has an options argument which you can use to customize its behavior:

  • starDensity (default 1.0): Allows you to control how dense you want your starfield to be. Calculated based on pixel ratio. Increase for more stars, decrease for less.

  • mouseScale (default 1.0): How quickly the starfield scrolls in response to mouse movement. Increase for faster movement, decrease for slower.

  • seedMovement (default true): Start with a moving starfield on load. Also animates on non-mouse enabled devices.

        starDensity: 2.0,
        mouseScale: 0.5,
        seedMovement: true

License / Credits

This plugin is released under the MIT license. It is simple and easy to understand and places almost no restrictions on what you can do with the code. More Information

Developed by Luke Libraro at Rocket Wagon in Chicago, IL.


Releases are available for download from GitHub.