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Atsumi is a PHP MVC Framework. The project started in 2008 with the goal to be a non-restrictive, structured framework, to allow rapid application development and to provide a robust foundation for web applications. (read more: History of the Atsumi Project)

We proudly use PHPStorm:


Getting started with Atsumi

Further Reading

  • URI Parsing – Flexible and powerful URI parsing for your application.
  • Database Abstraction – Powerful database abstractions. Adaptors include: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • Error & Exception Handling – Listen to & recover from application errors & exceptions
  • Form Handling & Validation – Handles form generation, submission, handling & validation.
  • Session Handler – Utilising session handling. Adaptors include: PHP sessions, Database storage
  • Sitemap Handler – Useful tool for maintaining an XML sitemap for your applications.
  • Cache Handler – Allowing quick cachine handling (DB and standalone). Adaptors include: memcache & APC
  • Template HandlersPHP simple templates, PHP OO templates, Smarty templates etc
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