simple dnode test using a browser client
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This is a simple test checking dnode compatiblity using a browser based client as shown here:

I am doing each example independently so I can just pull it down and run it seperately.

git clone

Then run the following commands to install the proper node.js dependencies (dnode and friends) for this project:

C:\Users\Sexbox\Desktop\nodejs>cd dnode-test-browser

C:\Users\Sexbox\Desktop\nodejs\dnode-test-browser>npm i


dnode@0.9.3 ./node_modules/dnode

+-- jsonify@0.0.0

+-- lazy@1.0.7

+-- traverse@0.4.6

+-- dnode-protocol@0.1.1 (traverse@0.5.2)

+-- (policyfile@0.0.4 redis@0.6.7)


At this point, you can start up the server:

C:\Users\Sexbox\Desktop\nodejs\dnode-test-browser>node server.js

Open up the browser of choice (Chrome!) and navigate to the url:


And you should see the result in the browser:

n = 6600

tada! simple remote method run on the server using dnode with a browser based client =)