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Release Notes


Switch Akiee to Clojurescript and React with Reagent; UI improvements and task improvements.

  • Merge rakiee repository with akiee
  • When I look over my task, I want to set/change an attribute so that I can change it to my needs.
  • improvement: Mac: Alias Ctrl shortcuts to Cmd
  • fix: Mac: Rename "node-webkit" in the menubar to Akiee
  • As A User I want to see the details of a task when I klick on it, that I can see notes I did to finish it.
  • As a user, I want better integration, that the app feels more native to me.
  • As a developer I want to explore the options of using Clojurescript for Akiee, that I can leverage Lisp for competitive advantage


  • bugfix: Search- and Entry-Box can both be open at the same time.
  • bugfix:If I change a task in the Kanban board the view switches to the state of that changed task.


  • less palyfull welcome screen
  • task search
  • board overview with all task (Kanban board)
  • corresponding projects of a task are shown
  • new button layout
  • deadline is parsed and shown, entry only via editor
  • performance optimization
  • refactoring of data structures
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