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RiTTel [re-tell] Probleme gemeinschaftlich und argument-basiert lösen.
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RiTTeL (say "re·tell")

the name of this project referes to Horst Rittel (1930-1990; Prof at HfG Ulm and UC Berkley) an early Design Thinker and inventor of IBIS and the term "wicked problem"

Help people to take decisions based on arguments, by making graphical Issue-Based Information System (IBIS) available for group discussions through open web technology. Think: Etherpad for IBIS.

Prototype Fund Application

We applied for Prototype Fund, to kickstart RiTTeL. Here is our application (german only)


  • stands for Issue-Based Information System
  • understands design as argumentation
  • a method to guide the design processes

Horst Rittel

  • early Design Thinker
  • coined the term 'Wicked Problem'
  • Professor an der Hochschule für Gestaltung - HfG Ulm (working with Ottl Aicher)
  • Professor of the Science of Design at the University of California, Berkeley



(Technology and Design)

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