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Step 1 Check up accessories

Accessories list:

  • 5*USB cables (1 long cable,4 short ones)

  • 1 USB HUB with 4 ports

  • Raspberry Pi + Raspberry Pi Power Cable

  • 2* 6PIN Power Supply Cable

Step 2 Installation

  • Insert 4 short USB cables into the USB hub with the other end connecting MCU on each blade. Insert the small end of the long USB cable into the small port on USB hub, with the other end connecting Raspberry Pi.

  • Insert the black end of the Raspberry Pi power cable into Raspberry Pi, the other white end inserting the jack on blade.

  • Insert the 6PIN power cables into the power jacks on each blade. Connect to power.

  • Insert the internet cable into Raspberry Pi.

Step 3 Start mining

  • Open a browser and input to enter the RockWeb user interface.

  • If there are several miners, Click 'Set IP' to set miner IP addresses.

  • Click 'Pools' to set mining pool account.

  • After setting, click 'Reboot' to restart Raspberry Pi. The miner is ready to mine in around 1 minute. Flashing of blue lights on MCU boards shows everything's normal.


Can not enter

  1. Check if the Raspberry Pi power cable is correctly connected. (The red power indication light should be on)
  2. Check if the internet cable is well connected and internet works. (Raspberry Pi LINK yellow green light should be on the flashing)
  3. Check if there's any IP conflict. Do not connect several miners to internet at the same time.
  4. Check if the SD card is normal.

RockWeb shows 'cgminer not running'

It means the cgminer hasn't run yet. Wait for around 1 minute, cgminer will restart automatically to run.

When mining starts, blue light is not flashing.

1. Check if the power is connected through and the power indication red light is on. 
2. Check if there's any problem with the USB cables(replace) and USB cables are correctly connected.
3. Check if there's any problem with the MCU board. (replace)

Can not reach rated hashrate.

1. Enter homepage of RockWeb, check if the blades quantity is normal. If abnormal, refer to No.2. 
2. Enter homepage of RockWeb, check if there's any blade's hashrate is obviously lower than average rate. If yes, try to reboot Raspberry Pi. 
3. Check blade temperature, if it's over 60℃, figure out ways to lower down the ambient temperature. 
4. Switch mining pool. is the official recommended pool. 

Raspberry Pi reboots frequently

1. Ambient temperature is too high (over 37℃), please do the best to keep the miner in well ventilation.
2. SD card fault. Reburn the card or replace SD card.
3. Short circuit of USB cables results in unstablity. Check if USB cables are OK. 

Upgrad RockWeb

1. Use SSH tool to connect miner(e.g. User name: root, Password: rockminer.
2. Enter command [ls], check if there is a file under the current directory:
	1. If yes, directly input command './', enter to complete upgrade.
    2. If not, create one manually:

Create file:

cd /root
git clone
cp /root/RockWeb/* /usr/share/nginx/www/ -avpf
rm -rf /root/RockWeb

Exit by ctrl+x, make sure to save. Revise executable permission, then execute

chmod 777