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POGOProtos @ ea8103c

Pokémon Go Protobuffers for Rust

Rust library for Pokemon Go proto buffer files, exported from the awesome protos of


  • First of all, add this crate to your dependencies in the Cargo.toml file (replace * with the version you want):

    pokemon-go-protobuf = "*"
  • Use it!

    extern crate pokemon_go_protobuf;
    use pokemon_go_protobuf::POGOProtos_Data::PlayerData;
    pub fn main() {
        let x = PlayerData::new();
        // Start using the protobuf structs to encode/decode

Update this repository

  • Install protobuf 3 and rust-protobuf (cargo install protobuf)

  • Update the submodule

    git submodule init
    git submodule update
    cd POGOProtos
    git pull
    cd ..
  • Execute ./