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Godot Visual Debugger (GVD)

Debug Godot engine 3.0x games, while they are running. (It is still early in development, so do expect unexpected!)

Installation instructions

  • Copy Visual Debugger directory into your project.
  • Add to auto load.
  • Add “visual_debugger” keybinding to Input map.

How to use

  • Use the “visual_debugger” keybinding to open and close the GVD.
  • Use F9 to step/pause.
  • Use Ctrl+F9 to Run.
  • Use F10 to Zoom to position.
  • Use F11 to center around mouse cursor.
  • Hold F11 and move mouse to continue following centered around the mouse cursor.
  • Use Ctrl+Mouse wheel to zoom in and out (Hold Shift to do it faster)
  • Press middle mouse button and move mouse around to drag world around.
  • Use mouse wheel to increase/decrease visual selection radius (when visual select is enabled).
  • Left click to visually select nodes under selection radius.
  • Use side pane GUI elements to control GVD behaviour and perform many other operations.


  • Q: Why does GVD turns red.
  • A: Because it can’t find game camera anymore (Refresh the tree in Watches tab to make it nice and blue again).
  • Q: Visual Debugger doesn’t fit my game size, what do I do?
  • A: Change Visual Debugger topmost node (CanvasLayer) scale. Remember that to avoid text becoming unreadable you must set Stretch mode to 2D in Settings->Window.
  • Q: Hmm… positioning in the world is all wrong!?
  • A: Remember that you can change Camera Anchor mode in the Camera tab (Usually Fixed top Left corner works best). Also remember that camera anchor mode is reset after refreshing the scene tree. Also remember that Godot will use Test values from the Settings->Window->Size, it is better to set them to 0.

Known problems

  • If child viewport container is used in a game scene, then it may become impossible to click on GVD if the Run mode is enabled. To fight the problem, one can close and open GVD. Or more permanent solution is you can use GVD scene tree or Remote, go to the child Viewport of the ill behaving ViewportContainer and set “Disable Input” to true.

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