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This repository hosts the full documentation for RockNSM, an open-source collections platform that focuses on being reliable, scalable, and secure in order to perform Network Security Monitoring (NSM), network hunting, and incident response (IR) missions.

Hosted Docs

Enter the full documentation at:


We are pleased to announce that ROCK 2.5 is here! You can read the full details in the Releases page, but here's a quick overview of some of the latest additions:

  • New: ROCK has move to the ECS standard
  • New: Out of the box support for XFS Disk Quotas
  • New: Updated ROCK Dashboards
  • Fix: Various visualization issues in ROCK dashboard
  • Fix: (x509) Certificate issues resolved
  • Update: Elastic Stack components to version 7.6
  • Update: Zeek to version 3
  • Update: Zeek to version 5

Video Guides

There are several video walkthroughs in the Tutorials Section.


This project is made possible by the efforts of an ever-growing list of amazing people. Take a look around our project to see all our contributors.


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