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ddcui is a graphical user interface for ddcutil, implemented using Qt.

For a guide to building ddcui from source, see Building ddcui in the ddcutil documentation.

Note that it is possible for feature values reported by ddcui to become out of sync with actual monitor values.

  • If feature values are changed using the monitor's On Screen Display.
  • If feature values are changed by another program, including the command line program ddcutil.
  • Some monitors will change their state (e.g. red gain) when the value in the GUI changes. However, the value reported by the monitor is unchanged.
  • Conversely, some monitors report a newly set value, but the observed state of the monitor is unchanged.

The first two cases can generally be corrected by menu item Actions->Rescan Feature Values.

User Support

Please direct technical support questions, bug reports, and feature requests to the Issue Tracker on the github repository. Use of this forum allows everyone to benefit from individual questions and ideas.


Sanford Rockowitz